Man spends $50,000 to recreate the magic of Pan Am flights in his garage

If you are a frequent flier of a luxurious airline, you might perhaps start feeling at home every time you fly. In fact, you may feel so much at home aboard those luxurious flights that you may want to recreate that experience right in the middle of your living space. Anthony Toth is one such guy who fell in love with Pan Am first class cabins and decided to recreate their magic in his garage. He spent $50,000 to fuel his obsession and the end result is more than impressive.

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With loads of artifacts and collectibles salvaged from his trips aboard Pan Am and also from Pan Am flight carcasses, he has recreated the first class cabin in an impressive manner in his garage. The garage comes with Pan Am lights, buttons, napkins and accessories in a totally authentic setting. Would you spend that kind of money and time to recreate your favorite airline experience in your living space? You could also try falling in love with the Prince’s Flight, or tr flying aboard Smokers’ International Airways.
Via: Dooby Brain

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