Mark Fox inspires designer wallpaper for the Studio Printworks

Wallpapers are now facing stiff competition from textured paints. But then again some gifted artists come by, adding value to wallpaper arts. One such artist-designed wallpaper series by Mark Fox called “Monstr” is now open. The exhibition at NYC’s Larissa Goldston Gallery will feature his works like the “Phantom” and “Relics” wallpaper styles, apart from other distinct wallpaper designs.

Well known for reconstructing religious and mythological texts into beautiful script arrangements, Mark Fox’s remarkable art graced The National’s High Violet album cover recently and will also be recreated in a range of stylish wallpapers as a part of the Studio Printworks’ Great Contemporary Artist series. The wallpapers are available from Studio Printworks at $300 per roll.
[Cool Hunting]

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