Media Décor Allure Moving Art Series camouflages television with artwork

Media Décor has launched its new Allure Moving Art Series which they explain is a ‘simple and stunning solution to attractively conceal that flat panel on the wall’. The designs are contemporary and the colours, right off the rainbow spectrum while boasting gloss and lacquer-like finish. You can download the choice of colour with a free downloadable application from iTunes for the iPhone, Blackberry or Android Smartphones. If you own none of these, you can mail them the colour or fabric you like and they will set up the rest for you. Installation is done through Z-Extrusion hardware where you can simply mount the unit on to the wall and powered by Lutron Sivoi® Electronic Drive Unit the art work sets into place.

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The series will be available from $6,700 for a 42 inch model and will be available from March 1.
[Media Décor]