Metropolis .Mgx lamp: An illuminating wonder

How many lives have we lived having the lamp with the lampshade bedside? Countless is the word, but why not change the convention to experience a new form of lamp and lifestyle. Combining art and technology, the Metropolis lamp draws upon the forms of nature by creating a unique, intricate design that belies the mathematics and high-tech rendering techniques that were used to create this stunning piece of work. Designed by Jiri Evenhuis for Materialise, the Metropolis.MGX lamp series incorporates the use of rapid prototyping technology and each materialize product is named with the. Mgx extension is the file extension for materialize’s propriety software. Each product produced by Materialise is rendered from a unique .mgx file, which accompanies your product on a cd-rom, and hence, the 3-d material printing process allows for unlimited freedom for design far beyond the capacity of traditional manufacturing processes.

The technique used in the production of these lamps is SLS-Selective Laser sintering and you can reproduce your product by sending the .mgx file to Materialise.
Metropolis .Mgx lamp retails for $2,440.