Meystyle wallpapers dazzles with LED lights and Swarovski crystals

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Mayan culture, Meystyle launches its news wallpaper designs that showcase vibrant colors and patterns. Meystyle is a wallpaper-manufacturing unit that creates customized wallpapers that suits individual needs. The organization is more inclined towards its exclusive handcrafted makings rather than the mass-produced. And of recent, it has unveiled a collection of 22 unique designs that, apart from its bold and vibrant usage of colors and patterns, includes a three-dimensional effect created by hand-applied Swarovski crystal and LED light.

This is feature that Meystyle introduced back in 2004, and till date remains exclusive to them.

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The new collection from Meystyle also includes digital prints, further enhancing the 3D look and feel. The crystals and LED light application is an in-house effort done in Meystyle’s London studio.

Patterns and designs from the Mayan culture are clearly visible in the design collection the manufacturer has introduced.

The creative firm says, “it is the spiritual aspects of the Mayan culture that we relied on mostly as a source for our creativity.”

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What you’d love about this collection is that no one item had additional stocks. There is only one of the designs available, and each design can be printed to any scale on a very wide range of materials.

[Via – Meystyle]

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