Mobile Bar with UV Reactive Panels

Wanna paint the town red? But how much can you afford to do that? Especially if you have the party bug in you and can’t help but visit every bar and lounge in town then its brake time. You don’t have to be trotting everywhere since now you can get the party world right inside your house. Ok, that involves a little hyperbole but the efficiency of this Mobile Bar with UV Reactive Panels is just the right ingredient for a happening night. Using polished and satin stainless steel in the construction, the bar offers an ultra-stylish and much-improved alternative to the makeshift wooden arrangement of yesterday. The bar has all the features of a commercial bar but with the necessary aesthetic finish designed to complement the home. The Features include Twin wheel “breakable” castors hidden in the base of the bar. Foot rail made from solid brass brackets and polished stainless steel tubing. Speed rail as seen behind all the best bars, with its ergonomic design you can be sure you won’t mix your Margaritas with your Mojitos!

Removable drip tray recessed in the bar top. The bar can be disassembled and reassembled in less than an hour. So it’s not too much of slogging either. So, if you want to bring your bar round to your mates’ house, you can! One of the best-looking features of the bar is the UV reactive panels at the front. It’s not too big with Dimensions: height 114cm length 170cm width 90cm. These are made from 10mm cast acrylic, which when lit with ultraviolet light (hidden in the bar top) disperse a wonderful haze of blue light. Now that’s not just any bar after all and it sells for $7,736.

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