Monos Modular Wall Unit by MisuraEmme

It so happens that you want to add a touch of sophistication to your living quarters, but since you lack the “essential designer tastes”, its best to leave the job to the experts. After all, they provide you with top-of-the-line contemporary furniture to do up your interiors, and some of the pieces actually do the job rather well. I’m talking about this absolutely divine wall unit by MisuraEmme. It not only adds style and oomph to your living room but also adds the air of aristocracy. The unit organizes your flat-screen TV, a handy bar, and display areas in a seamless flow of shelves. The unit incorporates broad expanses of reflective glass panels that slide sideways, to hide and reveal your artifacts. Since the unit is based on the modular system, you can alter the design according to your needs.

MisuraEmme uses MOS technology for adding varnishes its furniture. This varnishing technology involves water soluble solvents; the MOS method of lacquer spraying eliminates the release of toxic particles into the air.