Most expensive bed in the world – Platinum Bed for $75,000

For ages ‘Born with a silver spoon’ has implying wealthy since birth. But with changing times, the adage will need to be altered to ‘born on a platinum bed’! How else can you describe a luxury mattress that cost $75,000? Italian mattress designer Magniflex has designed a “platinum bed” with matching platinum pillows (not included in the $75k tag). The Platinum Collection is made of only materials found in nature such as precious metals, and each one is tailor-made and customized to meet the comfort levels of the consumer. Production of the new Platinum sleep set will be limited to 10 sets. Although the Platinum Collection will be out of financial reach for most of us, the health advantages of using platinum fibers in bedding are numerous, providing added benefit to an ultra-premium, ultra-luxurious night’s sleep. And if the health benefits don’t allure you into buying this most expensive bed, then you can opt for the 22 karat gold mattress, retailing for $24,000 in queen size, and the “Argento” silver mattress at a more “affordable” $4,000 in queen size. Oh did I mention the Platinum pillow sells for $2,000?

The Platinum sleep set, with two pillows, was displayed in the lobby of the World Market Center’s B building Wednesday night for a market party. The company shows in Pavilion 3, space 208.
(Platinum bed image isnt released yet)