Most Expensive Gold-plated Office Chair

Today, with so many people sitting at computers all day long, it is no wonder they would only want the best when it comes to office furniture. Modern office chairs have grown far too complicated I agree. But this is one of the most illogically high-priced chairs! Interstuhl Manufactur is selling a $65,500 (50,000 euros) office chair designed by Hadi Teherani. Why is it so expensive? Well for one, it comes with the ottoman. Plus, its gold plated. And you thought it’s made of solid gold to sport this price-tag? But it’s not a big deal for the magnates who sign million-billion dollar deals every so often. What gets me wondering is that who will get enticed by this not-so-good-looking piece of office furniture just because it’s plated with glittery gold and carries the tag of ‘most expensive office chair’! There is also a silver version of this chair if you think this golden one is a little expensive for your company to indulge in.

The gold chair is also available in a variety of color options to compliment your office décor!
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