MUJI SOHO all set to open for U.S fans

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…..! As a kid, I have sung this jingle so many times but I still do it when I’m really happy about something. Lately, I clapped to know that the Muji Store is opening in Soho in the US. MUJI SOHO, the first MUJI store in the US is set to open its doors on November 16, 2007, at 12PM. Located at 455 Broadway. With approximately 3,200 square feet of retail floor space, MUJI’s first store in the US will offer over 2,000 items of MUJI products, including about 570 items of Stationery, 40 items of Furniture, 190 items of Fabric, 590 items of Housewares, 270 items of Health & Beauty products, 20 items of Outdoor supplies, 30 items of Electric Appliances and 330 items of Apparel. The most exciting part about the new store is all the larger scale furnishing items that you can’t order from overseas, and of course, the electronic items will now be wired for US voltages. More info about the store and its opening event after the jump…

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MUJI is dedicated to reducing waste and conserving resources. In this spirit, MUJI encourages its customers to use “My Bag” in order to reduce waste that results from the use of paper or plastic bags at MUJI stores. The SOHO store is planning to introduce interactive events using “My Bag” to encourage environmentally-friendly shopping to customers in New York City. For its special opening event, MUJI has prepared 500 free “My Bag” giveaways for the first five hundred customers who come to the store and shop on an opening day. There will be a MUJI gift inside the bag. MUJI “My Bag” Shopping Nights: Bring MUJI “My Bag” and receive a 15% discount for special shopping nights. MUJI SOHO will provide a special offer to customers who shop at the store on MUJI “My Bag” shopping nights with “My Bag” will receive a 15% discount. This special shopping night will be held quarterly starting from January 2008.

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