Obscura CueLight Interactive Pool Table System is back with a bang

Obscura CueLight, the high-tech, digitally-enhanced pool table system that was released a couple of years, has gotten a lot juicier in the new version. The doodad that transforms any pool table into an interactive, multi-touch video experience is incorporated with HD imagery that actually responds to players every shot, providing an engrossing and dream-like pool playing experience. You could add flames or rippling effects to your felt and even have hidden images pop up when the balls glide across the table.

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The Obscura CueLight Interactive Pool Table System uses brightness overhead projectors and a hand held remote that you could use to control all the jazzy stuff you could do to show off in front of your guests! You can buy the CueLight System with or without the pool table.
The CueLight will be ready for release at the end of summer. The price is currently set at $12,500.
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