Philips LED wall paper to light up your home

If you are doing up your house and think it isn’t well lit, you can ensure it’s brighter with LED illuminated walls. Philips has come out with this unique collaborated effort with Kvadrat Soft Cells, for “an innovative luminous textile”, which ideally translates into better light and texture for your rooms indoors. The fabric is side to have “Philips’ addressable LEDs integrated into the Kvadrat Soft Cells acoustic panels”, thus you can play around with colors and light that use little resources.

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Philips goes on to explain how “the panels are able to take a variety of forms, thanks to a patented aluminum frame that allows the panels not only to fit into the shapes that it needs to in order to fit into a wide variety of spaces, but also conceals a tensioning mechanism that keeps the frame stretched to the correct tension to keep the sound and light moving in the right directions.” While release dates are prices are yet to be declared, this one sure seems to work well for hotels and commercial establishments.
[Philips] Via – [Physorg]

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