Pirate beds for your kids!

Did you guys ever watch the first season of Top Design? Well, I did and there was this challenge where the designers had to design kids bedrooms and this product seems like it’s been picked out of there. Not as funky though but that’s just me. And if you thought the Space Shuttle Bunk Bed was cool, get a load of these custom made Pirate Ship Themed Beds. Features included a play “aft” deck with working helm, forward deck with sail, walking plank, four cannons, wooden anchor, working brass portholes, wake up brass bell (optional), captain’s quarters in twin or double full, and first mate’s quarters (optional).

Dammit I am a woman and I am excited about these beds!! Well, if they are still selling when I have kids and possibly a son then I will definitely be buying one of these for them. Of course I also better have a great job and a lot of money considering that the prices range from $6650 to $8050.