Planika collaborate with artist Arik Levy to create the beautiful Coffee Fire Table

Fire is an element that is not easy to overpower. Incorporating this element in consumer products, especially furniture, is a task not many can accomplish. But Planika seems to be a pro at such things and has done an amazing job of combining fire with a coffee table. The result- The spectacular and extremely hot (both literally and figuratively) Coffee Fire Table. This beautiful table with a functional fire pit that can resist Planika has created the boisterous circumstances outside of the warming four walls in collaboration with artist Arik Levy. The first of its kind, this table will even please environmentalists as it uses the environmentally friendly Fanola fuel. The table is good for both indoors and outdoors and is sure to heat all your coffee table conversations.

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You can’t help but fall in love with the beautiful design of this hot table. Click here for more information.

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