Planika Pyramid fireplace warms your living space with grace

Nothing brings home the warmth better than a flickering flame. This recent design we came across is the perfect way to light up your porch or your home’s landscaping with a friendly flame. Called the Pyramid, these bio-fireplaces by Planika Studios aren’t limited to outdoor use only and can also be propped up inside your home to shed some light and warmth. Sporting a glossy white base and made from highly resistant fiberglass polyester laminate, the Pyramid fireplace is extremely safe to use. It comes with a Commerce burner that uses highly absorbent ceramic fibers, increasing safety like never before.

Leak-proof and elegant, the Pyramid fireplace can also be used for luxury commercial spaces and is a smokeless and environment-friendly way to light up your living space and shed a welcoming warmth and is priced at about €1350 (Approximately $1750) a unit.