PlumeBlanche’s super luxurious couch glams up with diamond-studded platinum buttons

French company PlumeBlanche is known for coming up with fancy furnishing options that are not only rare to find, but also look stunning. And this time they have managed to create the object of the Year which will be limited to 50 copies that will not see reproduction. This object of the year is a stunning white leather sofa set in a solid mahogany frame. It features black lacquer Parr and platinum buttons that are studded with diamonds.

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The wooden structures, fully biodegradable latex and full grain leather have been processed by the Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Taking inspiration from the 1950’s the funky sofa also spots lumeBlanche logo in half a carat diamond on the armrest that is illuminated as soon as you sit on it. The 2.22-meters long, 1.11-meters high and 0.85-meters wide sofa is fully customizable, as you get to pick from 60 leather colors and 500 lacquer colors. You can also trade in the diamonds on the logo with a 4 carat sapphire. Each couch is priced at €130,000 ($187,175). They are going fast hurry!
Thanks Minne

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