Polaboy LED Frames light up your Polaroid pictures

Looking for a cool way to display your photographs, then hurry up and grab some of the German-made Polaboy. The very cool Polaboy is designed by the company named Lightboys. It is basically an over-sized, blown up photograph, mounted on a wooden frame Polaroid style and illuminated with 5,000 lumens of LEDs. These LEDs allow light to shine through the said photo making it an object of valid light source. Display it as art during the day and use it as light during the night. For those interested in Polaboys, special editions prints are available on their website or you can send in your own print to the company and have it customized for you.

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Each Polaboy frame retails for $2,200 and if you want it with your own photo it will cost you around $3000.