Porcelain Eggs with Gold or crystals by PeterNebengausCollection

The obsession of the affluent with giant eggs never seems to fade away, the most popular and expensive of them being the Rothschild Faberge eggs that fetched millions in auctions. Yet another giant egg has been fabricated, courtesy PeterNebengausCollection porcelain collection. The egg has been created as a symbol of life, the embodiment of existence, and inexhaustible wisdom. The young artist from Germany, Peter Nebengaus, has created the eggs with high-quality European porcelain and the soft luster of gold and platinum. The PeterNebengausCollektion has been manufactured with the application of the latest technologies and in three non-standard product sizes- The height of a porcelain egg is 24,34 and 44 centimeters. Each egg can be customized with personal decorative initials, company logos, a variety of state symbols, and symbolic and sporting art paintings.

The golden egg featured here with the state symbol of the Russian Federation (two-headed eagle) has been manufactured to collect a leading Russian politician. The egg measuring 34 cm is 27% gilded with true 999-it gold and retails for € 15,000 (US$20,400). The pure white porcelain china egg is decorated with 1000 Swarovski crystals and is priced at € 5,000 ($7000)

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