Porsche 917 Sofa worth $7500 for your Living Room

The Porsche 917 stimulated the design of this distinctive piece of ingenious couch. A perfect complementing piece of décor for your living room along with the Car Bar. It’s one thing to park yourself on and watch your DVDs of LeMans or CanAm race footage. Sure this model is lacking around 1,100 horsepower or so but the company that makes it will paint it in your choice of livery. With a leather seating surface, the ‘body’ is rendered in fiberglass, and receives nine coats of automotive paint. Its underlying chassis is made of powder-coated 16 gauge tubular steel. Four lights are mounted underneath a Perspex lens, and they can even be made functional at the buyer’s request

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Only 17 sequential, signed sofas will be produced in each livery, so if you’re interested in putting one in your living room then zoom to book one for a sturdy $7500.