Porsche Design P7111 Pan Desk Lamp is simple yet elegant

Stuff that is generated from the design houses of the famed auto brands makes it big. The latest from Porsche Design Studio is the Porsche Design P7111 Pan Desk Lamp. This free-standing lamp impresses not only in terms of technical details and high-grade materials but also because of the lighting scenes it produces in the room. Its pioneering highlights include its well-thought-out kinematics and advanced LED lighting technology which have never before been deployed in this form in a desk lamp. The crucial design feature is its two-arm joint configuration that allows flexible, parallel movement of the lighting head.

It features a cordless low-voltage power supply through its aluminum sections and joints. Teamed with Zumtobel reflector technology this Porsche lamp is extremely energy-efficient too. The P’7111 “Pan Desk Lamp” is the first lamp in the Collection and will be available through Porsche -Design Stores from May 2007 onwards. Presented in Euroluce 2007, Milan, you can avail of its price on request from the maker.