Presotta zero bed- a hero for sure!

All your soporific souls start rejoicing as we get a good reason to sleep even more. The Presotto Zero Bed. Presotto’s Zero is an exciting new concept which sets the scene for the bed to be center stage in a fabulous bedroom. It is a round platform bed with a headboard. It can be placed against a wall or as a free-standing bed with a dresser or a clothes rail on the backside of the headboard. Other accessories include revolving nightstands and dimmable lights. And that’s not all several wood finishes are available on the platform. Now comes the part that will shock you out of sleep for sure.

This lovely bed can cost you anything from $6000 to $19680 for the most loaded version. I think I can now guess why it is called zero bed; the zeros in the price tag can be given the credit. It is 106” and up to 117” long. But I think buying this would seem futile to most as the price will take their sleep away.

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