Rare inlaid Crocodile Head from Papua New Guinea for $18,000

If you love crocodiles, but have an unfavorable relationship with Lady Luck, you definitely can’t count on winning that GatorBike. To make up for the loss (in a small way) here is another unique croc piece that will appeal to you. And for which you don’t have to enter a draw. All you need is $18,000! For the pricey sum you can take home a rare inlaid Crocodile Head from Papua New Guinea! Made sometime in the late 19th century and early 20th century, this inlaid croc head is a unique antique piece. Said to be in great antique condition, this croc head with shell (including Cowerie shells) and wood inlay is available from Jonathan Burden LLC, New York.

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Measuring 12 1/2″ h x 15″ d x 35″ w, this exclusive piece is one heck of a catch for every crocodile lover.