Safretti OlympiQ fireplace doubles up as a barbecue

Barbeques are fun, especially on a chill, relaxed Saturday afternoon. And who wouldn’t want to have a classy barbecue to pose grandly in the middle of a well-landscaped garden? Most people resist the temptation because it is tough to maintain the setup if not used often. So how do you get out of this confused state of mind? Well, you opt for a grill-cum-fireplace instead, and that’s where the fireplace expert Safretti can come to your rescue. They are out with the OlympiQ. A fireplace for the cold and chill nights and a functional barbecue can get ready by merely replacing the glass shield with a stainless steel grill!

The system features a Philips’ woodstove that spots an adjustable ventilator for helping you burn wood efficiently. The $3,700 setup holds on to its grand look thanks to its powder-coated aluminum outer shell.

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