Scenario: TV Fireplace by MCZ

Fireplace designs and models are evolving at a fast pace to blend with the modern interiors of today’s homes. The latest fireplace to emerge as a befitting fixture for the modern compact home is the Scenario from MCZ. A unique fireplace TV, it promises to keep you warm and entertained. The first of its kind offering, this unique fireplace brings together two of the most attention-grabbing centerpieces of any living room: television and fireplace. Besides a flickering flame to crank up the ambiance, this cool fireplace TV offers a prime viewing platform for your HD movies and can also be connected to the Internet for browsing the web on the big screen. A unique space-saving solution for modern homes, this chic fireplace will surely be the most attention-grabbing feature of your home.

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Stylish, chic and simply awesome, the exquisite Fireplace TV by MCZ will surely transform your living room. For more info click here.

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