Sculpture from ancient Rome looks like Elvis Presley’s twin

Elvis Presley really is timeless. Disagree? Well, think again. There’s a sculpture from 1,800 years back that bears an uncanny resemblence to the King of Rock n Roll. This Roman acroterion is carved in marble on the corner of a sarcophagus dating from the second century AD(wow, that’s old). Graham Geddon, an art dealer from Melbourne has the good fortune of owning this Roman ornament that is expected to fetch at least £25,000 and £30,000. If you are thinking of having this ancient sculpture on your coffee table, Boham’s is auctioning Mr. Geddon’s collection in october. Other items in this auction will be about 50 Greek vases and more than 30 pieces of marble sculpture. These assorted items are expected to go for up to £90,000 each. Obviously, Elvis’ look alike bust from centuries back is going to create a lot of buzz. Maybe the Romans were entertained by Elvis back then! More likely that human faces do repeat themselves. Either way, the legend of Elvis Presley lives on.

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