Sechser Dining Table for serves all with ease

Deviating from the usual pattern of a large table, the Sechser Dining Table makes more sense for all the reasons possible. Being fair to each one sitting on the table, this novel dining table provides each person with his or her personal space. This style makes it easier for diners to fend for themselves. Each large circular space is complemented with a small circular space to keep glasses, side plates, etc. while the X-large table in the center rotates for further convenience. Polished chrome accents add detail to the clear lacquered wood veneer.

Made of MDF wood veneer (beech steamed) and featuring 0.5″ thick tempered glass, this Sechser Dining Table sells for $15,000.
– Height (30″)
– Diameter (27.5″) Center Piece (20″) Large Plates (10″) Small Plates

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