Series 21 twenty-six-pendant canopy by Bocci

The series 21 pendant canopy by Bocci, basically inspired by the sporadic arrangement of barnacles on a substrate in nature, involves the wrapping of Porcelain around glass cones of different sizes, resulting in a unique appearance to each fixture. The Porcelain and borosilicate glass fixture is suspended by a metal cable to a brushed nickel canopy. The specialty of this chandelier lies in the usage of the “headphone jack” connection for installation, i.e., the canopy is first installed and then the units are plugged in one by one, resulting in savings on installation costs. The fixture is available in single units but the 26-pendant canopy would look best when hung in series. This eccentric chandelier provides a functional and sculptural detail to any décor.

As the cables must be pre-set by Bocci, the longest drop length must be specified. Custom designs are also available for this $11,460 chandelier.
Via – Loadedshopper