Sit on chairs from around the world, a design collaboration with Kartell’s plastic and Pucci’s fabrics.

Salone del Milan design fair held at Milan every year always has the best of the artist’s creativity and this year some may have a chance to see Emilio Pucci’s Cities of the World scarf prints on Kartell chairs. An interesting collaboration between the two big Italian design brands in their own spheres, Kartell’s single mold plastic polycarbonate chairs are upholstered with fabric by Emilio Pucci. The chair rightfully called the ‘Madame’ chair has a padded seat and armrests with a rounded back for comfortable seating. The designs on the upholstery fabric are the same as the limited edition scarves that feature famous architectures and streetscapes from cities that have an outstanding presence of the fashion industry and also a Pucci flagship store; so among the few, Piazza di Spagna in Rome, New York City’s Madison Avenue, Avenue Montaigne in Paris, and the futurist skyline of Shanghai can be spotted.

kartell’s-plastic-and-pucci’s-fabrics-1The pieces of art will be on display throughout the Milan design fair but to get a closer look, you would need an invitation. However, if you don’t know how to score an invite, the furniture collection will go on sale around Europe by June and should reach across the Atlantic to American outlets by September; though a long wait, it will probably worth it!

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