Skull art carved out of dollars is up for $50,000

When some artists create modern art and people stare at it for several hours before they drop, we can understand. It is all about the abstract world. But how can we come to terms with artists (or so-called) play with money in the hope of attracting interest? Tattoo artist Scott Campbell thought to try something that is just raising many eyebrows and very rarely (I am sure!) any interest. His work of art ‘Noblesse Oblige’ includes a skull carved out of $11,000 cash and shown at the OHWOW gallery in L.A. It also includes etchings on copper plates, morbid images drawn inside delicate ostrich eggs, and charred currency. He made the skull by slicing a 3D image into uncut dollar sheets and placed in a copper box. You can buy it if you are willing to spare $50,000.

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