Sonic Chair transports you to musicland

Almost spiritual in design where you get to connect with your music on a one-on-one basis the Sonic Chair looks to be a boon for the ardent music lover. You really got to be dedicated to sit in a chair that surrounds you with music while isolating you from the world. Designed by Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler and Daniela Reuter, this Red Dot 2007 award-winning chair’s speakers are placed in the “bowl” and the “powerful bass and focused acoustics” capture every nuance of the sound. The audio player hooks onto the chair via the line-level inputs. A swiveling drinks tray is integrated into the design plus you can customize it by adding a touchscreen controller or an iPod dock in its place. The backrest is made from suede micro-fibers and rugged-mesh, but it’s the design concept that total floors you.

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The Sonic Chair is available in four colors for $8000 each!