Soundproofed Room For Home Theatre

Gregg Schwartz is a proud homeowner who wanted to build his home theatre in such a way he would not disturb any of his neighbors or other family members. The acoustic isolating design incorporated in his basement-turned home theatre boasts about how silent it runs. The wall panels absorb sound, plus the 1-pound-per-square-foot sound barrier material behind each of the walls, (built out as double walls) on the two sides not adjoining the foundation help absorbing the sound. He has even insulated the walls and isolated them with isolation brackets. The picture comes from a Sim2 Domino30 single-chip DLP projector. A 120-inch perforated Stewart Filmscreen display allows audio from three Energy Veritas in-wall speakers to sound through from behind. Plus a “floating floor” was constructed by rolling out the sound barrier and then placing plywood on top of that, thus enhancing the bass-level special effects in movies.

Gregg Schwartz went through all this trouble so that people playing cards in an adjacent area should not be distracted by the home theater sounds.