Spirit Song Bench- revolutionary al fresco bench

Teak…the very word conjures images of luxury and lifelong durability. And though it seems like teak furniture is everywhere these days at unbelievable prices, most of it doesn’t live up to the quality standards needed for true outdoor durability. A beautiful piece of teak furniture makes a powerful design statement in your garden. But shouldn’t you insist on comfort too? The Spirit Song Bench is a stunning sculptural statement that redefines entire garden furniture. Designers Barbara and Robert Tiffany have put all their talent into this award-winning design. American Eco-Teak is designed and crafted for an outstanding level of comfort that straight-milled furniture can’t offer. Using the most durable and dense hardwood, they have crafted a bench with the loose, rippling flow of water. The usual demarcations of front legs, back legs and seat all flow into one.

Exceptional comfort is blended with impeccable construction to accomplish one of its kind looks. It comes in a straight and a curved version with prices that range from $4320-$5000. The options for this line of furniture are countless as the benches can be made in many different lengths and shapes. The “Spirit Song” line of chairs and benches has received several awards, most notably the “Design Excellence Award” by the International Casual Furniture Show in Chicago.

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