Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed for sleep and much more

If living thru the day with all the assistance from the gadgets isn’t enough then you must get the Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed by Leggett & Platt that comes with a plethora of gadgets to render you comfort. All set to seduce you on the 2008 CES show floor, this bed is much more than just a plain double bed. Dubbed the “the world’s smartest, sexiest bed,” it features its own theatre system, iPod dock, disc storage, Internet connectivity, and even diagnostic tools to monitor the body’s temperature and movements. To be more precise, this Starry Night bed comes with an integrated surround sound speaker system that rises from the headboard and footboard, plus an LCD headboard projector that shoots an image on the opposing wall. And if you are in no mood to tire your eyes then just treat your ears to 1.5 terabytes of disc storage that can hold almost 40,000 songs. Also dig in for an iPod docking station, a DVR, and a wireless RF remote to navigate through Microsoft’s Media Center. To top all these, here’s one more feature that takes the cake. The bed is empowered to detect snoring and body movements using a vibration-detection system, and then adjust its position or firmness to alleviate any sleeping problems. Moreover, each side of the mattress has its own temperature settings, so they can be adjusted to suit each individual’s sleeping preference. Hey, are you dreaming already? Wake up to know the starry price tag….

The high-tech bed ranges between $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the customized features. Smartest

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