Studio Italia Design offers unique chandelier in its UFO Collection

For all those looking to decorate their homes with some out of this world centerpieces, the UFO chandelier by Studio Italia Design is definitely a must buy. This exquisite lighting structure has been designed by-product and lighting designer Brian Rasmussen for the high-end design company’s UFO collection. This unconventional curvaceous structure is definitely a far cry from ordinary chandeliers. It provides the ideal amount of diffused lighting and is available in various customs options and colors. You can opt for either a gold, silver, or white acrylic version of the UFO with the choice of semi-covering colors in red, white, green, and dark blue. Furthermore, you can also create your own distinct pendant combining all or any of the available colors. This stunning fixture will definitely bathe your room in a unique glow. I personally loved the colorful chandelier, as it looks extremely festive and cheerful. Prospective buyers will have to shell out anywhere between $3,275 and $4,630 to own this exquisite lighting structure.

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