Swarovski-studded Napoleon LHD50 fireplace heats up with glamour

When winter comes, one automatically goes into hibernation mode. While some resort to cuddling up with their special someone under the blanket, others prefer to curl up in front of the fireplace with a book and a warm cup of cocoa. Winter also manages to bring out our lazy side where even the task of getting out of the warm cozy beds to start that fire seems grueling and torturous. But you can always count on technology to come to your rescue. For all those folks deep in hibernate mode, the perfect fireplace for you is finally here. Christened the LHD50 fireplace, it is a genius remote control operated gas fireplace from Napoleon Fireplaces. So just with the click of a button, you can ignite the fire, control the flame height, as well as adjust the temperature from across the room! There is also the limited edition fireplace embedded with precision-cut and polished Swarovski crystals for the ultimate bling lover.

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Or you can also opt for Napoleon’s decorative ceramic “geo shapes” in front or behind the flame for an added glow. While the standard LHD50 fireplace will set you back by $3,890, the Swarovski edition will cut a big hole in your pockets with its $13,000 price tag. No matter which version you opt for, you can count on this fireplace saving both money and energy courtesy of its fuel saving electronic ignition.
Boasting of a neat sleek design, this fireplace promises to merge beautifully into your modern interiors. Napoleon also offers surround finishes in white, pewter and black; as well as double-sided configurations.
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