Swarovski Crystal Paperweight adds style to your desk

Maybe it’s the release of the Avengers that has me thinking of Iron Man, but I can’t help myself. If you are a fan of the Iron Man series, you will surely be familiar with the ultra-luxe office of Tony Stark. I personally could not get over his spacious office and classy desk. I am certainly jealous of the lucky few who get to work in such spaces in their real lives. Coming to the point, the reason I mentioned a luxurious office space and desk is because of my latest find, the Swarovski Crystal Paperweight. This dazzling creation needs only the most lavish surrounding to do it complete justice. I can imagine it sitting perfectly on the desk of a high-profile man or woman amongst other exquisite items.

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This luxe crystal puzzle with Swarovski elements is created by making repeated linear cuts into a glass cube. The result is simply marvelous. Priced at $600, this beauty is available here.
Can you not see Tony Stark just playing with this sparkling creation as Pepper Pots stares at him angrily?
[Available at AhaLife]

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