Swarovski statues will be the pride of your mantelpiece

It has almost become the fact that touches of Swarovski crystals can glam up even the most ordinary objects turning them into exquisite object de arts. Besides lending its glitter to various collaborations, Swarovski also creates some exclusive Swarovski pieces that are sure to leave one and all bedazzled. The most famous in-house offering of the brand is statues with animal motifs from all over the world that promise to become the centerpiece of any room they are displayed in. Out of the many animal sculptures that the brand offers, I personally love the Amurath, a beautiful, spirited black Arabic horse. The limited-edition Amurath is a bespoke statue whose body is made of 32,098 small crystals in various shades. The exquisite statue measures just 28 × 8.2 × 2.27 inches and is individually numbered. Sure to become one of your most prized possessions, the Amurath will help you flaunt your luxurious lifestyle. The Amurath boasts a 7,000 Euro ($8,990) price tag and comes accompanied by a certificate of authentication.

Well, if the horses of Arabia are not your cup of tea, and you wish for something with an Asian touch, you can definitely not go wrong with the elephant. The beautiful sculpture of the elephant showcases the animal with his trunk lifted. Christened, Matang, the elephant sculpture glitters with 46,856 Swarovski crystals that have been hand applied using the Pointiage Swarovski technique. Sitting on a marble base, Matang has an asking price of 15,000 Euros ($19,270).
You can even go a step further and combine your love for Asia with mythology and go for the unique dragon sculpture. Christened Jilong, this winged dragon is a limited edition offering and is sure to make quite a few heads turn. Its body has been covered with 63,110 crystals that have been applied by hand. The dragon is seen holding a crystal ball in its claws and sitting on a cloud made from beautiful white marble. A made to order piece; it has an asking price of 15,000 Euros ($19,270). Designer Heinz Tabertshofer can be credited for the design of this bespoke dragon.
Exquisite and beautiful, I wish I could buy not one but all three of these bejeweled statues.

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