Taj Mahal Table turns the wonder of the world upside down

The Taj Mahal, also known as the monument of love, has seen many artists paying tribute to it by creating their own renditions of this love structure. In fact, Taj Mahal souvenirs are some of the most in-demand and popular souvenirs today. Today we present to you the most expensive of them all – the classic Taj Mahal table. The brainchild of Belgian design firm Studio Job, this exquisite table has an asking price of €36,000 ($45,400)! A limited-edition offering restricted 8 examples only, and this beauty was unveiled at the Art Basel Miami 2012. What is striking about the table is the upside-down Taj Mahal that instantly draws your attention.
The unique table is made in bronze and features flashy gilt domes. Its design is also rumored to be based on the same architectural principles except for a few changes to make it upside down.

A true work of art, this table will surely become the centerpiece of your living space.

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