Talanca Hanging Lamp pours Winking lights

Bring the scintillating lights of the Talanca Hanging Lamp to your décor and let the simple design hold you in awe forever. Andrew Hollingsworth, who has garnered quite a lot of fame for historical and contemporary European designs, came up with these conical hanging lamps. It’s touted to stand out of the crowd for its eclectic style. After all, unusual creativity sells. The design gives you the impression of light winking through cut-outs in the ceramic shade, creating a sharp look that catches the eye. Available in the soft accents of silver, matte white or black, it stands 35.4 inches high by 13.8 inches in diameter.

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The ‘Made in France’ lamp would fill up your room with winking lights, but you go to part away with a hefty sum of $1,650.