Teak and Silver Frog Bowl: A symbol of luxury

The frog is a symbol of wealth and well-being in many cultures. And since the popularity of Feng Shui, many have bought beautiful frog sculptures to change their luck and get some profits. But if you are already wallowing in luxury, then an ordinary frog sculpted from wood won’t do. The Teak and Silver Frog bowl by Lotus Arts de Vivre is more suited to the luxurious standards. This exquisite bowl has been crafted from luxurious, gleaming tropical hardwood with striking silver accents by artisans who took a month to create it. Elegant, classy, and symbolic of your wealthy lifestyle, this frog bowl will definitely make for a unique piece of décor (even if it doesn’t help to add millions to your millions). Priced at $4,700 this luxurious frog bowl measures 9″ x 8 7/10″ x 2 4/5″ in size and is available here.

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