The Bridge Sculpture pays homage to all the bridges made out of Bethlehem Steel

A beautiful 75-foot-long sculpture called “The Bridge” by Elena Colombo was unveiled by the ArtQuest at the future SteelStacks arts complex. Crafted in steel and fire, the sculpture symbolizes the renaissance of Bethlehem Steel. The 30-feet high bridge comprises five parts and will have a perpetual blue flame in memory of the blast furnaces that face the sculpture. Estimated to cost $400,000, this sky-high sculpture has received $200,000 in grants from National Endowment for the Arts grant and another $200,000 in donations. The sculpture will be engraved with the names of dozens of famous structures built with Bethlehem Steel, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Rockefeller Center, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

The five part of the sculpture will spot four custom created “Bethlehem Beams” support structures and will burn blue to honor the time when the blast furnaces were in use.
[Contemporist And Via – Sculptsite]

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