The Cabernet Couch rests on 33 wine jugs!

I am not sure if I’m game to take the risk of sitting on this couch that rests on wine jugs. And it’s a strict no-no for my 200 lb friend Mimi. That’s the ‘Cabernet Couch’ made from 33 empty Cabernet jugs and vintage corduroy futon mattress for the winemaker Carlo Rossi. It’s the latest addition to Carlo Rossi’s Jug Simple collection. He has displayed interesting pieces, made of wine jugs like the Chardonnay Chandelier (jug count: 33), Burgundy Bookshelf (jug count: 28), Paisano Plasma TV Stand, and more.

With its mesmerizing neon under-glow, it’s the recipe for the most romantic time of your life. The Cabernet Couch is all about wonders, wine, and women! And with kids who are more like bouncing beans, keep them locked away, please!

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