The Caterpillar Bench creeps in with a disturbing price tag

Before I make any statement about this next product, I would like to mention that I have a phobia of creepy-crawly creatures. So any views will be subject to a personal bias. The product that is all set to go under my biased judgment is the Caterpillar Bench from Phillip Watts Design. The name itself suggests that a creepy-crawly creature has inspired this piece of furniture. Made from highly polished cast aluminum, this one might evolve into beauty if placed against the right background. However, when viewed without a suitable background, this creature like bench looks as uninviting as the caterpillar itself (please remember my hate for creepy-crawly’s). A futuristic design, it is typically sold as a three-seater. But since this bench is modular, its length can vary to suit your commercial or domestic space. This is one piece I could certainly do without.

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An eccentric piece, the general seta measures 370mm x 370mm in size while the three-seater measures 1150mm approximately. Priced at £4,025 ($5,900) you can get this unique piece from Phillips Watts Design website.

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