The Caterpillar Bench creeps in with a disturbing price tag

Before I make any statement about this next product, I would just like to mention that I have a phobia of creepy-crawly creatures. So any views will be subject to a personal bias. The product that is all set to go under my biased judgment is the Caterpillar Bench from Phillip Watts Design. The name itself suggests that this piece of furniture has been inspired by a creepy crawly creature. Made from highly polished cast aluminum, this one might evolve into a beauty if placed against the right background. However when viewed without a suitable background, this creature like bench looks as uninviting as the caterpillar itself (please remember my hate for creepy-crawly’s). A futuristic design, it is typically sold as a three-seater. But since this bench is modular its length can vary to suit your commercial or domestic space. This is one piece, I could certainly do without.

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An eccentric piece, the general seta measures 370mm x 370mm in size while the three seater measures 1150mm approximately. Priced at £4,025 ($5,900) you can get this unique piece from Phillips Watts Design website.