The Cloud is mine

To say you could use a getaway would be putting it mildly. Forster has shaped Cloud as a portable room, and the piece is representative of the way she incorporates the unique quality of Lapland’s light into her work. Cloud comes packaged in its own carrying case, which also holds a fan and attachment to inflate the rip-stop nylon shell, eventually puffing up to a “room” that measures 17.5 x 13-feet and is 7.5-feet high.The white nylon shell translates even the most chilling of fluorescent light into a crisp Scandinavian twilight, and the wall can also be used as a projection screen. Cloud is entered and exited via self–closing slit door allowing ample ventilation. With the flooring in green-grey color; the room inflates in just three minutes.

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At $5,900, it’s no bargain, but it certainly transports you far, far away from the source of your stress!