The coffee + Foosball table for $7600…a costly combination!

I feel pleased as a pea when I can get my hands on two things for the price of one. And I am thoroughly delighted after having learnt about the Foosball + coffee table. It’s something you just can’t let go of especially if you have a hectic, i-am-gonna-die-if-i-work-anymore kinda routine! It can be a great stress buster and a little recreation is always welcomed after tedious, mundane hours of working. You can finalise a deal over coffee and then celebrate over a game for Foosball!

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The table has a glass top, a mirrored foosball field and is hand-crafted by Howard Bushel in Worcestershire, England. It will cost you a staggering $7600 and there is no one who can explain why this table has 3 handles instead of 4?