The Elephant Chair will majestically invade your living room

After the Rhino Chair, the Animal Chair Collection is back to pay homage, this time to the largest living land animals on Earth. After the Octopus Chair, it’s the turn of the Elephant Chair. Apparently, it also highlights the artists’ connectivity to Indian culture, which worships the mighty animal as Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. The chair takes cue from old Indian furniture and that gives the chair its elegance and finesse.

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Limited to just 20 units, each chair has been created using Polyurethane (PU) – Compressed foam on steel frames, and is finished with a fine leather seat. Weighing about 160 kg, it takes about 9 weeks to make each chair which is 2.97cms deep, 2.30cms tall and 1.67cm wide. The chair is priced at £60,000 ($97,100).
[Available at Maximoriera]

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