The Firefly Chair adds a bit of Tolkienian magic to your home décor

Although not as big as Star Wars, JRR Tolkien is still a force to reckon with and is popular for creating a parallel fantasy world in literature. And if you are a Tolkienian, then your home décor is missing a huge part of its legacy without the ‘The Firefly Chair’ from Veraseri Designs. Taking ahead their “Tolkienian inspired line of home accessories,” Adam Krehbiel the comfortable chair has been crafted using Oak, Plaited Leather, Steel, Aluminum, and Rare Earth Metals. The chair gives out a Rare Earth glow through the Red Oak at night, giving it a stunning Firefly green glow effect seemingly lit by a million Fireflies.

Measuring 53.75-inches x 20.75-inches x 43-inches, the chair features a wood struck by lightning. The hand-sewn backrest sports four plaits braided leather cord weaved into a diamond pattern. The chair is retailed at $9,999—time to get some fantasy to your mundane life.

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