The Gandia Blasco day bed will make your day (and night)!

If you are among the ones who love sleeping and always find it difficult to leave your bed, then set your eyes on the Gandia Blasco day bed. It’ll make you leave your existing bed for sure and sleeping will be even more fun. And why not, after all, it’s a ‘day bed’. During the day you can sit chaise longue and by night you can stretch yourself to sleep. The bed has a modern, minimalist design and is contained within an 80-inch cube. The frame is made of anodized aluminum and the shades are made of vinyl. Polyurethane foam rubber fills that large mattress, which has a removable cover for easy care. What adds to it is that it covers as much as it reveals.

There is a perfect equilibrium, and to make most of it set it out by the pool or in a grassy, shaded area or simply hit the beach. The only thing that pinches (really bad) is the price. The bed is priced at $7,260. After paying that much money I won’t be surprised if you become a butt of insomnia.

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