The Happy Hour Chandelier sends you love from heaven

A pretty girl jumping out of an over-sized cake is so passé! With a more mature audience gracing your parties, you need to look for more innovative and creative options. Now that doesn’t mean you pull off a Michael Jackson and plan an elaborate entry sequence for yourself, but some nice people are helping you do that with more élan and panache. Why not try the ‘Happy hour Chandelier’ instead? The brainchild of award-winning choreographer and dancer Nanine Linning and the talented designer Marcel Wanders, the strong and elegant chandelier will have the ‘Dancing Angel’ dangling at the center while will pour out champagne to her audience through her 20- minute dance performance!

For a maximum price of $14,320 for 20 minutes of elegant entertainment I guess is completely worth the party mood!
Thanks Anouc.

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