The Jewelry Collection from Prouna to make your meals a royal affair

If you are having a special family reunion, all your best cutlery and crockery makes its way to the table. Most of it gets broken too. So if you are trying to look for an elegant yet royal setting, the Italian family company Bahadorzadehs has just the thing for you. Their brand, called Prouna, is out with a range of Hankook Chinaware. Highlighting the range is a five-piece place setting made out of amber and clear baguette called The Diana and Adonis patterns priced at $885 that spot cabochon crystals and 24-karat-gold rims. The most expensive of the lot is called Princess (with a price tag of $995), a web pattern crafted in platinum and studded with crystals.

Other notable product in the range includes a paisley pattern called Persia priced at $517. And the best part of the collection called as the Jewelry Collection is not just dishwasher safe, but comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee for the displaced crystals. Click here for details.